Gospel Service

Gospel Service

Jesus said that the greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart; and the second greatest is to love your neighbor as yourself. At Gardendale Presbyterian Church, we love our neighbor in a variety of ways:

Our mantra has become: We focus on five – because anybody can handle a handful. Here are our five:

The Presbyterian Home for Children

The proceeds from our annual bazaar, held on the Saturday one week before Mother’s Day, go to The Presbyterian Children’s Home and other ministries.


The Firehouse Shelter

We prepare and serve an evening meal to the men at the Firehouse on the second Sunday of the odd months (January, March, May, July, September, and November).


First Light

For First Light, we collect and contribute every day items that the ladies and children need (cough drops, deodorant, grape juice, snacks, etc.)


Presbyterian Manor Apartments

926 Overton Ave, Tarrant City, AL 35217

Presbyterian Manor Apartments is a senior low income housing apartment subsidized by the federal governments HUD (Housing and Urban Development Division). Our ministry at the Manor is one of food and fellowship. We bring meals, have cookouts, sing carols at Christmas and spend time with the folks who live there; showing the love of Christ to our neighbors.

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Seitz, missionary to Taiwan

For Dr. Seitz and his family, we offer financial and prayer support.

To learn more about the Seitz family mission, visit Rev. Dr. Seitz’s website.